07-09-19 Twins: Feeding Ducks

Saturday 7th September 2019

Its party time for big bro. Sofia’s turning 6 and Kingsley will be among his class mates. We’re counting on good weather so that we can join him at the Entertainment Quarter the place to be it seems. Our second birthday party here. So far we’ve joined Kingsley at Vincent’s, Teah’s and now today Sofia’s birthday party.

But before then daddy does the feeding, hungry mouths that you babies are. Breakfast is avocado and banana mash, followed by Greek yoghurt.

Later on I fulfil a wish of Kingsley’s : to feed the Centennial Park swans. You guys are so willing! Geese and ducks surround the Valco Snap DUO Elektra is all eyes and leans in for a closer look!