Kingsley: Serendipity

Tuesday 27th May 2014

Check this tale-of-the-city: Erroll this afternoon wished to come meet me at my office, and to accompany me home, with Kingsley of course! This they did and the three of us merrily made our way to our new apartment. At a cross-roads we decide to traipse through a vacant lot which leads to one of our favourite skyscrapers, Rolex Tower. Just further long us at the entrance to the Tower we see a young yummy mummy cradling the cutest (bar ours) baby boy and we both take notice of them singing to themselves with not a worry in the world. The infant was as you would expect him on such a steamy Dubai afternoon: in nappies and a singlet.

We approach the mum and bub. And we begin speaking the way new parents seem so easily able to: with an ease and immediacy that is refreshing and void of pretense. Particulars of each other’s circumstances are exchanged, and talk centres on the charming babies King and Kai, and then the fun really begins.

This chance occurrence leads to all sorts of ‘ooohs and aaahs’ between the three adults. Both babies are boys, born in Dubai, in December, on the 7th in fact, and at the same hospital: City Hospital! Both mums are working girls desperately sorry to leave their boys but kind of OK about it; both babies are exclusively breastfed and both us mums are waiting till the day the boys turn 6 months of age to begin not only solids, but shall be baby-led weaned!!

This happy meeting of neighbours led to the swapping of phone numbers and a fixed plan to meet…this weekend already! Serendipity in the city…

Father and son before they come meet me at the office, for our walk home.

Father and son before they come meet me at the office, for our walk home.

Five Mths 005

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