26-04-19 Twins: Separated

Friday 26th April 2019

Mumma must get her hair done. Its been too long! And Elektra my cute bundle accompanying her daddy brings me to Scott’s saloon where Remzi restores me to brown. Fairly certain my Icelandic blonde days are over for now we enter the cooler months and warm tones are desired.

Viola! Two hours later I energetically emerge! Elektra stays asleep for hours till I give her a dreamy boob…thrn she sleeps again till we get home with Zoe and daughter Lana accompanying us. Little Keanu stays asleep all this time the champ while Elektra does her thing by CRYING for attention. Keanu cannot compete with his sister on this front so she wins my attention only because I can’t cope with her cries. Jiajia Dora cuddles Keanu day and night so both babies are adored and not left to cry.

I do separate them though. Jiajia has Keanu at nights while I’ve Elektra. This saves my sleep and everyone’s nerves from fraying. When either baby cries I’m up like a shot to boob. Non stop boob.