20-06-19 Kingsley: Isaac

Thursday 20th June 2019

After a truly crazy night with Keanu hanging from my boobs non stop between the hours of 1am and 8am I finally caved in and called for backup. Kingsley came to my rescue at 8:15, hopped in bed and entertained the milk monster till I came to.

Kingsley these days adores his siblings and delights in making them smile. Their wide toothless mouths are a source of great pleasure to big brother. He wants nothing more than to hug them; full body hugs and neck locks. They don’t seem to mind except when he causes pain (rare).

This morning my big boy hops in my bed, I hop out handing over a stinky Keanu to Erroll then I scoop up Elektra and decide there and then that I’ll be walking Linus to school accompanied by little sis. We sing all the way to school.

Once arrived gappy-tooth Isaac approaches and asks to play with Kingsley. This of course provides me with great relief considering the troubles of Term 2 in the classroom and in the playground. So hearing that  a classmate actually wants Kingsley around made me beam.