14-07-19 Kingsley: Tennis Racket

Tuesday 14th July 2019

Kingsley’s final day in Nashville among kin. And as with every holiday here we visit Grandma Bonnie on the way to the airport. And that’s exactly what happened this afternoon, after Kingsley was taken to the Trampoline Park by Pa-Paw and had his lunch with Granna they all visited Kingsley’s great grandma.

Down they go into Bonnie’s sewing  workspace and what is it that Greatgranma hides there? A surprise to give Kingsley. His own tennis racket! Oh how they hug and all by himself with no prompting declared “I love you grandma!”

Slinging his new tennis racket over his shoulders Kingsley marches upstairs, finds a notepad and pen then begins a letter of thanks…addressed to his Greatgranma Bonnie.