14-09-20 Twins: Tagging Along

Monday 14th September 2020

The babies literally sit up and point toward Zip Line Park as we approach it, Jesse, Kingsley and Lachie ahead of the pram excitedly running for the gate. We’ve an hour and a half here before Erroll arrives to take Kingsley to jiu-jitsu. First thing the babies do once we come through the park gate is sit back to watch big bro kick off shoes and whip off socks then run wildly up the steps headed for the Zip Line. Soon enough they’re out of the pram and I’m changing nappies; the excitement of an afternoon spent among other toddlers is too much!

Both babies soon hone in on a πατίνι abandoned by another child; both are willing to risk their necks riding it though Cautious Keanu prefers to walk the πατίνι whereas Elektra lifts her feet to propel forward. Next is the swing which Elektra dominates and the three big boys swarm around her: they push her high up Elektra’s squeals only serve to give them the confidence to push her so high she’s airborne. Keanu is left to find joy in the other attractions by himself.

By late afternoon its the three of us Erroll having taken Kingsley to jiu-jitsu. We sit together for a picnic, the babies finding it impossible to actually sit; they squirm, they fidget then climb for the slide. Up we go one by one then down we slide, the next child ready to be walked up and slid down. This goes in and on. Then by some miracle I get them back into the pram and we head home for the night.