Kingsley: Greece Autumn ’16

November 2016

For nine days during November, Kingsley and I took ourselves to rendezvous with JiaJia Dora in surprisingly warm and sunny Saronida. Swimming in the Saronic Gulf and daily outdoor pursuits was certainly not what I expected five weeks out from a northern Christmas. However by some spin on chance I had packed our bathing suits and flip flops.

By day Kingsley and I discovered coves that are near impossible to get to by foot – those goat tracks are made for hooves, not feet loosely bound by rubber. By night we sat the two of us at our local taverna eating souvlaki, while mumma Dora stayed home watching her beloved serials.

This trip was unnecessary (considering we’d just returned from Holland and before that, Paris) however Mumma Dora asked for our company in the lead up to her departure from Greece and to be accompanied back to Dubai. And immediately once Kingsley and I landed in Greece, I was extremely glad Erroll sent us. Erroll himself would be flying back to back therefore not in Dubai so sent us with his blessing.

With everyone therefore in a great mood, and Greece putting on a mini heatwave just for our swimming pleasure, I present you Kingsley’s sixth holiday in the homeland…

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