04-02-17 Day at Two Parks

Saturday 4th February 2017

Day two where Kingsley spends all the daylight hours with his Bah-Bah. I of course do morning shift (feed breakfast & lunch, loo, bath, dress, play – non stop) while Erroll sleeps off his jet-lag, then once 11:30AM strikes, Kingsley is in our bed and waking him up.

While I leave for hospital visits (Rio just gave birth to baby Kai Dylan) and a shop (four bras and groceries), these two walk to Satwa Park, then CityWalk then Al Khazzan Park. While out they witnessed a car crash: a local lady in an abaya and driving a blackened out SUV causes the car behind her to crash into her. With a green light in front of her she is driving normally, then all of a sudden and for no reason, applies the brakes suddenly, causing the car behind to crash into her. Kingsley saw it all and exclaimed ‘OOOOHH CRASH!!”

They came home dirty and tired with many stories including the car crash and another from Erroll: at Al Khazzan park he stopped Kingsley just in the nick of time from jumping onto a little boy with no legs, but as Erroll observed with alarm, prosthetic legs. Dear me, Kingsley.

December day at Aunty Mika’s

Rainy December day