05-11-19 Twins: ATH-DXB

Tuesday 5th November 2019

We hit the jackpot: two seats together, bulkhead, loads of leg room, and bassinet. I have fond memories of travelling to Athens with Linus in the bassinet!

Elektra has already eaten an Ella’s mango pouch and started on the full of beans vege stew. She’s a dream on board and many fellow passengers take her while I cope with wiping Kingsley’s bum, or approach the galley for baby milk, or fix my bag.

Of course she parties in the bassinet but passes out on me, and in the final half hour of flying both kids are sleeping on my, I’m pinned to my seat and we literally stay put in our seats while the plane in parked and I must rouse Kingsley from the deepest REM. Elektra passes out again in the Baby Bjorn while we go through customs and collect our 101 bags.