Kingsley: Greek Yoghurt

Friday 15th August 203

While Oma Tina was here in Dubai, we took Master Kingsley along with us to the Dubai Mall for a spot of shopping and a sit down to lunch. And since I am no Annabel Karmel in the kitchen, all I could muster for the infant’s lunch was a pot of Greek yoghurt and some rusks to gnaw on.

Regular plain yogurt to Kingsley is simply delicious. I don’t add sugar, or sweeteners, juice or puree. His preference is for plain and all the better, so that he does not develop a sweet tooth. At most I mix in banana, to which Kingsley’s eyes widen in awe!

Now we only buy Greek yoghurt for our boy and for good reason: it is strained more than regular yogurt.  This means that the whey (protein that those with dairy allergies may react to) and the lactose (for those lactose intolerant) content is far lower in Greek yoghurt. You see, lactose is broken down with the culturing of the yoghurt and milk proteins are either semi-removed or limited. The culturing process makes yoghurt easier to digest. In fact, Kingsley has in the past two and a half months of eating solids, never reacted to yoghurt and it seems that the Greek variety is easy for him to digest.

Further, Greek yoghurt contains double the protein of regular yoghurt and has half the sugar (lactose). But this matters not one jot when most of it goes all over his face…

Lunching at the Dubai Mall. On the menu? Greek plain yoghurt

Lunching at the Dubai Mall. On the menu? Greek plain yoghurt

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