21-07-19 Kingsley: Zoo Friend

Sunday 21st July 2019

Can’t help ourselves; we’ve come to Taronga Zoo again. Twice this week! Welcome back to Sydney, son. You certainly are a zoo friend. And so committed! Even after this morning’s gruelling final rugby league game versus the talented Redfern team you are up for some zoo action.

I’ve got our bags packed ready anyhow. So once you finish scoring three Trys, eat your snakes alive, farewell the teamanf enjoy Erskenville playground, we’re at the zoo till closing.

You’re interested in: 1) feeding the pregnant she-goat banana peel and your hot chippies; 2) throw cut up carrot to the pigs; 3) chuck lettuce at the ducks and 4) play in the farmyard playground with all the other kids on school holidays.