21-11-17 Hot Wheels

Monday 21st November 2017

There’s never been a more perfect Autumn day than today. Warm and sunny yet crisp and fresh, we are out in the paddock early kicking a soccer ball around and riding the Hot Wheels Trike Paw-Paw got down from the attic. We started the day early however – 3:30am – with a wee and hunger. Kingsley wants to eat early (so early!!) so in bed under the covers watching Fireman Sam I peel him a Honeycrisp apple, then a banana then a quarter box of Chex. By 6:30am Kingsley can no longer be contained in our bedroom; he’s in the kitchen with his daddy and Paw-Paw watching the Disney channel.

By midday we four are gone to Bass Pro Shop to play among the stuffed foxes and bears. Its Kingsley’s fourth trip to Bass Pro and this time he remembered how Paw-Paw taught him to shoot a gun at the deer last year this exact time. They were at it again today, and the kiddo got his target! By 3:30pm we are at Great grandma Bonnie’s place practicing baseball, but the first thing the child did coming up the stairs was ask grandma for a cookie. Then a second and a third!! I of course don’t mind one jot cause a) it’s his great grandma; she has special rights! and b) I’ll counteract all that sugar with stuffing almond after almond into his mouth.

Home to Granna for painting, puzzles and his current favourite activity book: find the hidden picture. All the while he is fed chicken then shuffled to bed early. Kingsley is snoring by 6:30pm. Tomorrow is more Hot Wheels speedy action down the driveway…