21-12-19 Kingsley: Superheros Birthday Party

Saturday 21st December 2019

Today’s the big day: the party to blow all of your friends’ minds! In sweep Wonder Woman and Iron Man! You are surrounded by at least 30 of your friends while mumma serves up icecreams to the kids and daddy cracks open beers for the parents. So many communities you engage in darling one and friends from each have come to help you celebrate.

First guest is Lawrence and his dad Leo who helps me set up while you two run off to play. Last guest to leave is Jesse who has by now overdosed on lollies (you all have actually). Cousins on both sides come along, pals from the Dojo, mates from rugby league (in fact your entire under 6’s team are here! Ellie, Lexie, Alex, Teddy, Sonny etc) and our neighbour’s kids.

All have a blast. I think your favourite part of your party is being surrounded by loved ones and cutting cake beibg sung to ‘happy birthday’ and Iron Man giving the go-ahead for everyone to help blow out your candles.

Happy birthday champ.