11-03-17 RISE Dubai Creek Harbour Day

Saturday 11th March 2017

The smartest thing I did today was ensure Kingsley took a nap, because the excitement and activity surrounding our day trip to RISE at Dubai Creek Harbour was so extreme that I don’t think the child could have handled it without one. In fact, from the time Camilla picked us up at 3:30 PM till when we stumbled in the door (past 9 PM) our day was action packed.

Highlights include the moment the three kids were strapped into their toddler seats in the back of Camilla’s car and the fun/annoying each other/destroying Camilla’s ‘desert survival pack’ begins in earnest; clapping eyes for the first time on a new Dubai precinct and knowing its so safe for kids that we let them run amok; watching the three chirrens run in separate directions then all of a sudden call out for the other; fixing our gaze at the extraordinary view over the skyline of Dubai and submitting to the feeling that we love our life big time right now; paying attention to the little ones negotiate the huge baleen whale ‘carcass’ as they succeed in scaling it and sliding down its slippery slide spout; taking charge of all three at the craft section as they paint masterpieces on canvas; give Kingsley the chance to learn about electronics at the junior electrics class taught by cool science teachers; stare at a beaming Kingsley as he enjoys himself to the core at the sing-and-dance session to close out the night.

All the way home Kingsley kept his smile broad and recounted all the fun he had throughout the day. I praised myself for the foresight of putting him down for a nap earlier in the day, then quietly gave kudos to myself that he didn’t turn rogue from lack of sleep. We got home, ate cheesy pasta, washed the day away and passed out, the boy still grinning ear to ear.