21-01-21 Kingsley: Reading & Playing Apps

Thursday 21st January 2021

Naturally lazy yet smart Kingsley and I play power games all day. If you read this book I’ll let you play games on my phone. That sort of thing. Unpleasant business but par for the course of savvy 7 year olds it seems. Still he gets in enough exercise and movement each day for me not to be alarmed by the amount of time he spends on the phone. Today for example his Νονά took him to flying trapeze circus arts for 3 hours 9 till 12 noon. Here he swings up high and falls onto landing mats, with joy.

Then immediately after picking him up (albeit late) he asks for the phone. I’m exhausted so say yes on condition he reads when we get home. That, he does. So over the course of the day the boy reads then plays apps then endures my whining and then we quarrel. But then I make him say i love you μαμά! And he gives me back the phone.