05-04-20 Kingsley: Age of Corona

Sunday 5th April 2020

Our first family picture during the Age of Corona. I have the feeling this’ll be a really long road ahead. I’m right now walking past the government assistance department otherwise known as Centrelink here in Australia and the line to get in to see somebody is 4 blocks long. May the world open its eyes to the evils perpetrating this awful situation and do something to counter it in the future. For all our sakes.

Today Kingsley decompresses from a week of intense school work by staying home with Γιαγιά to bake χαλβά and eat buttery pikelets together. He is allowed to play daft games on my old Samsung, the apps already downloaded onto this piece of crappy phone without a SIM. Ao he’s stuck with a selection of 7 silly games which of course he loves and buys us hours to put the kids to nap driving around Sydney from Coogee to La Perouse then up to Vaucluse.

Kingsley answers the landline each time I ring. Perfect Greek thanks to hours spent with Γιαγιά answering the phone and blowing me away.