23-05-20 Twins: New Car Seat

Saturday 23rd May 2020

Its a hectic day with these two! Daddy’s flying to Melbourne early hours so I have feeding three hungry mouths on my mind. Kingsley won’t have a bar of me leaving him with Γιαγιά so out we all four of us go me in a cranky mood because Elektra wakes after 10 minute nap and Keanu just won’t nap at all. But I calm down and we head to the tiny Dolphin street playground. Put the babies on the damp ground, let Kingsley enjoy his rumble time with them, all three become wet and dirty and have a marvellous time. Getting the babies back in the pram requires Herculean effort as they stiffen up like planks!

Today a milestone: Elektra is done with her infant car seat, now sits upright in her toddler seat and loving the view!