27-02-18 Oscar & Kingsley

Tuesday 27th February 2018

At 2pm our apartment gets trashed again. Two boys on a rampage tearing up toys, games, boxes, contents of drawers, all in the name of a playdate. Oscar comes to visit and Kingsley couldn’t be happier…except that he could be happier if Oscar wasn’t poorly. In fact Oscar curls up on the sofa under a blanket his eyes watery and nose runny. Rebecca attempt to administer Nurofen syrup (vile orange flavour). Understandably Oscar resists. Kingsley gives it a go with the syringe and when finally Oscar (most reluctantly) gulps down his medicine Kingsley cries out ‘Good boy Oscar for taking your medicine! You will get better now and want to play…” When Oscar’s appetite returns I feed them hot chocolate and warm croissants. Crumbs are everywhere.

Play the boys do. Cars, trucks, trains, balls, animals. At one point the electricity fails and our apartment begins getting stuffy. I take the kids out for a canter in our local neighbourhood park to let them run off steam. So much steam. Here in the wild they are better pals – chasing one another barefoot and chipper.

Back home they want to play with green slime. Silly me; I agree though I insist they play with the dreadfully sticky stuff on the balcony only. Well now I have green slime all over the walls, tiles and ceiling.

Our balcony is a mash of croissant flakes, green slime, scores of tiny toys and water splashed everywhere from the ‘fishing’ tank, let alone the dust/sand from the Dubai atmosphere. Its disgusting; so much so that I cleaned the entire house after Oscar left but the balcony remains for Erroll to deal with.

A trashed house – the hallmark of a great party…