14-05-20 Kingsley: Sore Throat

Thursday 14th May 2020

Today we have an Age of Covid scare: at 10:30am the school calls. Kingsley is at the office. ‘He has a sore throat; claims he can’t eat, drink or swallow …and because of, you know, covid we must send him him home. Would you come pick him up?’

Into the car we bundle the babies, off to get our boy and take him to the doctor. Sore bloody throat!! He’s fine. No disease and certainly no Covid-19. Got a doctors note to March him back to school same day!

The way Kingsley spoke with the doctor, answering questions, politely asking questions (are the soldiers going to fight the infection from the inside?; do I need to take medication, doctor?) made me super proud and caused Dr Peter Shiner to note out loud that it is because of the profound way Kingsley described his symptoms and didn’t carry on during the examination that he could reach a diagnosis so quickly!

Kingsley’s throat is healed already. A quality hazelnut Messina icecream certainly helped his healing after school, he claimed!!