09-02-18 Oz Day 19

Friday 9th February 2018

Look familia!
Coogee went chaotic today. Ilse & her youngest two came over for a play date. Kingsley went NUTS to show Josh every single bloody toy & game to share. Family -Kingsley loves to give! He gave all his toys to the boys. Baby Noah just followed them about. When the baby cried Kingsley sat with him & gave his balls. Ha ha!! zillion toys and games everywhere. Icecreams dripping all over. The ‘Finding Dory’ cupcakes Kingsley helped bake were a hit.

Later on downstairs the boys rode scooter, car, bikes & played ball. Dora produced pizza & pastītsio which the boys hardly touched as they were busy chucking balla at one another. Then we turned on the hose & Josh wet us all. Ilse went home dripping, we washed Noah’s bum from poo with the hose, Josh had to strip off as he was soaked &; he climbed into the car nude.

On another note – thank you Tina for this fantastic chartreuse kaftan. Its a favourite xxx