25-05-18 Week 2 at School Done

Friday 25th May 2018

A letter to Tina:

Your son is getting the royal treatment at the hands of the Panesars during this wierd 2/3 weeks of homelessness and work resignation. Every second day Erroll is either in Head Quarters for various procedures or dealing with Dubai authorities to tick off existing utilities we’ve used or communicating with our Landlord management company.

Each night he tells me of the line item he’s managed to complete. Today it was handing in uniforms and luggage. He was given his winter coat to keep; a small gesture of generosity.

We have cute plans together trying to figure out how they’ll manifest. Virgin; Coogee; a holiday in Greece with us; travel dates. Its all up in the air however we both know good will come of thos protracted wait.

Meanwhile Kingsley is learning to write letters finally! This morning’s scene below waiting for the school bus. He chose his tshirt ‘from Oma’. And of course his school bag from Aunty Mika is the most stylish & roomy.

These shots are taken at 8:25am. Our sun is super bright. The kiddo actually feels better wearing the shades as his eyes ache without. As soon as he spotted his sxolikö, the shades go back on and he’s left me for dust.