28-11-20 Twins: Heatwave in Sydney

Saturday 28th November 2020

Something I’ve ceased getting used to – heatwave oppression, a common Dubai phenomenon. But here oh so rare. And when Sydney is struck by a heatwave only crazy people are out pounding pavement. That would be us three traipsing to Randwick sweating (me) and passing out for daily nap (the twins) while Kingsley finishes off his tennis 🎾 lesson.

We can’t be outdoors today so the chilled environment of a mall draws us onto the 400 bus service limited stops to airport one of them being Eastgardens. Here our core body temp drops 10 degrees immediately. The babies actually wake from sweat and hot, so hanging at the dairy cabinet of Woolies is actually a great idea.

The free soft play area outside of Woolies is open for business! The kiddies love it here as Kings did the very same age. Now Elektra squeaks from joy of choosing whether she begins her play on the blue car or the green slide. Keanu is most intrepid climbing through mesh and tall steps up to the third level. Then climbs down again. I actually don’t fret about that one.

Its Elektra on my mind as she’s feisty and has been know to shove other kids to the side. However today its another child who gives her a fright shoving past her and unbalancing our girl who lets out a most dramatic cry! Keanu on the other hand actually goes to and points at a little girl who’s crying and wants help. I thought it was Keanu who was wailing! He’s fine!