Kingsley: 4Yrs+01Mths

Sunday 7th January 2018

Little artist is 4 years & 2 months today. Last night while he slept Erroll and I shook our head at how quickly Kingsley is growing; that Time is mercilessly harsh on us parents (though the Grace of God so very very kind to us that we live every single day of our son’s life with him, not missing any ‘firsts’).

Today’s ‘first’ was watching him draw a robot. I saw it all unfold in front of me: he chose the whiteboard marker and put it to one side, cleaned the board with spray and tissue, gripped the marker correctly then set about drawing a robot (whom he named ‘Roibot’) complete with feet, shoes, arms, fingers and curly hair.

I of course screamed from joy then snapped madly away…