Kingsley: Last Day at Hummingbird

Thursday 26th February 2015

Aw I am so weepy: today marks the last ever time we shall be leaving Kingsley at nursery for the day. Both Erroll and I walked him there this morning – very slowly, mind – dressed in his new, bright green froggy outfit so that he would be party-ready for the Ugly Bug Ball to which all the kiddos are invited, this afternoon.

Seeing that its our boy’s last day, we also have cake to cut at 3:30PM, to mark the occasion that Kings shall no longer be among peers from the hours of 9 till 5, any more. The child will receive a befitting send-off: ample play, cake, and a disco dance.

He wont know what hit him once he is stuck with me all day, come Sunday, the poor love…


At the DIFC, walking to nursery


Last day at nursery, as we cut cake


Proud parents at the ‘Grasshoppers’ cake cutting and sing-a-long for Kingsley


During the Ugly Bug Ball


Dancing during the Ugly Bug Ball


Final moments of play


Kingsley among those who have cared for him


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