10-03-19 Twins: Nocturnal

Sunday 10th March 2019

A note I sent Annamiek and other friends when they ask whether I’m ‘getting rest’ (and for the record the answer is NO):

Morning SIL! Yay survived another night! !

Kids are fine. Us adults too. I spent the night in the milking chamber… and reached another level exhaustion.

Erroll got home at midnight so we stayed up talking / doing  administration till 2am at which point the kiddies woke. Then they were up at 5am. They cry! Bellow! ! starving and stinking nappies! My boobs ache. I must drain them. The kids cannot latch on!! More crying! I must pump while they carry on. I go to the kitchen to make up bottles of formula. One spits up then from nearly chokes on regurgitation! Each bum I wash three times overnight by the third wash I don’t even bother ensuring the water is warm. My eyes are gritty. Shuffling with a babe in arms we head to the nursery for yet more outfits; the babies have soiled theirs again.

This crazy cycle repeats. The burping alone is never ending luv.

But then we all three of us pass out for a couple of hours. Magical sleep takes us from 7 till 9am. I’m rendered a human again and play dress ups with first tein twin Elektra: this pink belt I’ve never actually worn, over her robe de chambre.