01-04-20 Twins: The Best of Times

Wednesday 1st April 2020

As my family and many many friends are taking stock of losing our incomes due to the effects of coronavirus, my head hurts at news that the Chinese government has reopened the wet markets, the source of this plague. Then I look at the babies of the world and despair at how sick the world is.

So I get out of the house and take these babies for a very long stroll. They nap and I ruminate on how unaccountable the Chinese are for allowing coronavirus to spread, unchecked; for hiding the spread of the virus; for allowing the infected to travel overseas for Chinese New Year.

Erroll isn’t working any longer. Today my new tenants move in to 69 Waldegrave Crescent. The Elizabeth Street rent went a third of the way to paying my credit card. I paid our handyman Yannick the rest of what we owed him for works on the house. We live debt free. All five of us are healthy. We’ve extended family who cares for us. Its truly the best of times and the worst of times. Who said that?