19-04-20 Kingsley: Χρήστος Ανέστης

Sunday 19th April 2020

So all day Kingsley stays home with Γιαγιά, eyes locked on the screen of his (mine, actually) Samsung, while we four pay Rick & Renee a visit for Orthodox Easter. By all accounts staying indoors, not getting out of pyjamas from the night before, even wearing the socks he wore to bed, is incredibly pleasant and satisfying. At least the child eats as much as a horse. Alarmingly so. But then again he’s shooting up like corn.

In the evening the party heads to our place. Νονά Marlen arrives with a bag full of Easter goodness, Frank of course, a thousand chocolate eggs, gifts from Jeremy (footie, original Nike wet weather gear) and Kingsley dutifully gives to his Νονά lots of chocolate in return.

Cousins Zac, Josh & Noah come over to. I play the Easter Bunny hopping toward them but they laugh at how lame I am. A million pressies are exchanged and the boys are in great moods. Kingsley comments layer on that Zac was fun and silly, the perfect combo apparently.