Quiet Library Time

28th June 2016

Ahhh, feel the serenity…

A few hours of quiet library time spent with a friend, discovering great books, reading page after page of an old favourite, getting a little bored…ripping books from shelves, beginning to destroy the place…running up and down the aisle…

Yes, this is what became of our ‘quiet time at the Library’ this afternoon when Kingsley decided he’d had enough of the silence and wanted to be HEARD. Books were picked up and slammed down, messes were made, other kids’s alone-time was interrupted, pillows yanked from armchairs and strewn on the floor.

We didn’t last the hour there, however I became thankful that Kingsley and his special little lady friend, Haarleen, actually spent enough time among the sacred tomes, in conscious pursuit of their intellect. Ok ok, a little far fetched; their collective favorite books evidently being the Mister Men and Little Miss series. Fine by me. Just STOP SLAMMING THE BOOKS DOWN, SON! Oh, and reading over someone’s shoulder? Definitely social suicide.


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