04-09-16 Food Colouring on Fathers Day

Sunday 4th September 2016

Happy Father’s Day darling! Your gift from us to you is a full day spent with Kingsley; just he and you and whatever messy mischief you want to make of it. No rules (other than give the kid water and feed him a banana); just fun. Meanwhile I shall escape to get my hair tended to by a troupe of Italian maestros here in Dubai for a hair fashion expo. In fact, today is day one of three of me working as a hair model. But enough of that. For today is all about father and son.

To get you guys started, I have brought home four food dyes in small glass jars that are very concentrated, and can extend ‘messy water play’ for the boy on our balcony by a good hour. Blue, red, yellow and green food colourings are a riot for when playfulness and experimentation are the prime objectives. Staining your body parts in magenta and teal will definitely come as a bonus for both of you. Well, for Kingsley really; what kid doesn’t like it when his fingers and toes turn green like The Incredible Hulk? Take note that an ordinary wash with soap will not budge the stain; rubbing alcohol will do the trick. And funnily enough you actually have a bottle in your bathroom, darling. It comes as a green transparent liquid by the name of ‘astringent skin toner’ (and it bloody well stings the face when applied, but does wonders to dissolve body paint!)

Enjoy your Fathers Day together as you get wet, messy and painted. I will thoroughly enjoy it from the safe distance of the salon chair.


The state of our balcony every single day


Experimenting with food colourings and dyes