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3rd October 2014, Greece

It’s 12:30, midnight. Greek TV is on, Jiajia Dora is cradling King, and we’ve just returned from visiting Danae and King’s great uncle GioGio. I am dosing the infant on nurofen because I am sure he is not on top form. The telly is loudly playing and lights flash. No wonder the infant cannot sleep.

We walked along the promenade today, King and I, found a sheltered cove and I dunked the naked child in to the Aegean. A local lady walking past scolded me for exposing the infant to the cold. If I insist on bathing the child in the sea (which is admirable, she admitted, considering the many health benefits gained from this pursuit) then I absolutely must dry his off immediately and dress him in a t-shirt and shorts. Only thus appropriately rugged up can he then play among the pebbles. Er, OK…

A man walking past the same moment stopped to hear us speaking, and butted in, telling the women to mind her own business, that the child can and should be dunked into sea water for a full ten minutes if I, the mother, want, and that by the looks of my son, well, he will be fine should he remain in the water for a half an hour. An argument between two strangers ensued, concerning my baby!!! Funny Greeks…

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