21-11-20 Twins: Art Gallery of NSW

Saturday 21st November 2020

Morning rush to get out of this house and to the Art Gallery of NSW for I have brunch with Renee! And Elektra is our special guest in the Quinny Buzz which is do comfy that she falls asleep for a solid hour, that critical hour before brunch begins. As such our girl is calm and good company though wants to sit at the table and eat Renee’s strawberries.

Erroll takes the boys to Kingsley’s tennis, Keanu not sleeping preferring to be chased about for hours so that when I get home he’s delirious and ready for an afternoon nap. Just like his sister who’s now having her afternoon nap – a second sleep of the day.

So I walk Keanu up the road then down the road and before we know it an hour has passed he catching flies and we’re about to embark on a Woolies grocery shop but the fire alarm is set off avd I’ve never heard such LOUD shrill sounds tearing up my nerves. Yet Keanu sleeps right through the alarm waking only when we’re in the canned vegetables aisle.