Kingsley: Spotting Pa

Tuesday 4th July 201

We love sneaking up on Kingsley when he is playing at nursery come late afternoon. When both Erroll and I are in town we make it a point to collect the child together. This is how we do it: take off our shoes and softly pad into the nursery proper; I hand over my two bottles of expressed milk to the kitchen ladies and they give me King’s empty coolie bag. All along Erroll is struck dumb from love and devotion as he marvels at his (our) creation happily humming to himself in the soft play area.

I get the camera ready then begin calling out for King: “NiNii!..NiNIII!!..” till our boy looks to where my voice is coming and BAM! He beams that perfect smile: Kingsley has spotted his pa…

Nursery with pa 001

Nursery with pa 007 Nursery with pa 012 Nursery with pa 013 Nursery with pa 014 Nursery with pa 016



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