37 Weeks: Weekly Now

Righto – its weekly appointments from here on in: me, Erroll and Seahorse. Now that we have hit 37 weeks gestation, Seahorse can come anytime, so off we went today to see our delivery doctor, Dr. Christian. The endless pain in my right ribs is one thing; the breaking aches in my back are another. And for the past two days I have put up with a trapped nerve in my right iliac crest (that sensitive spot between back and bum) rendering me limp. Ah the joys of carrying a bebe…however my main concern in seeing our doctor today was not curing these bodily vexations, but ensuring that Seahorse is NOT ready to come out this week.

You see Erroll flies to Sydney/New Zealand tomorrow (being Sunday) and only returns on Friday. Six days alone just me and Seahorse…

Seahorse at 37 weeks along: 16th November 2013

Seahorse at 37 weeks along: 16th November 2013

Darling little one, make your ma and pa happy; stay sleeping inside your cocoon. Just three more weeks. Please.

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