06-01-19 Holy Trinity: Church, Zoo, Basketball

We can’t get enough of the zoo and today we’re set to visit (again)! But first we are taking communion at church with JiaJia Dora for today the 6th of January is Epiphany – the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi (Matthew 2:1–12) and some 30 years later when Jesus was baptised.

Jiajia is waiting for us in her pew, Ninii runs in to her and we both learn from her that today – Θεωφάνια – is a most important feast day. And that communion will today be in the form of holy water blessed with basil.

Fast forward to the zoo and we again visit the seals for our third show though this time Kingsley isn’t called up to the stage however we do have Mali the seal do a lap of the audience and stop right in front of us to show us her teeth. Which makes me instantly regret allowing Linus to eat those Maccas chippies today. Oh well.

A first: Erroll is home in the arvo; he’s not working late! Kingsley has a spaz attack though when he can’t find him once we’re in the door (as I’ve been promising the child all the way down Alison Road on our walk home from the 373 that Μπαμπάς awaits him). OMG the genuine tears! But the poor bloke is waiting for us at the busstop. Tears dry instantly once the boys drink cold milk and go shoot hoops. The perfect way to end our Sunday.