13-09-17 Plāka

Wednesday 13th September 2017

Today at 8:30am I ushered Kingsley onto the school bus then immediately took off for a trip into Athens- a walking tour of historical Plăka, Monastirāki, Sīndagma Square with my Aussie cousins. Ancient ruins everywhere. Corinthian vs Doric vs Ionian columns I AM STILL MUDDLED. Note that preschool kids here learn about the various columns as PART OF THE CURRICULUM.

By 6pm I’d had enough of the historical sites so threw on the cossie and hit the water. Waves crashed about the rocks this evening but that didn’t stop us from dipping in. The kindly old fella Strātis offered to dive for a sea urchin. Kingsley beat it out of the old man’s hands about 30 times using the handle of an old abandoned fishing net but plucked up enough courage jet powered by curiosity to actually hold it in his hands.

By 8pm spag bol is down the child’s throat and I’m reading his his chosen fairytale – Beauty & The Beast.