Kingsley: 5Yrs+03Mths

Thursday 7th March 2018

Our big boy is 5 years & 3 months today.
Finally – after 40 days of life, Kingsley give his brother Keanu cuddles. Thank gawd; up till now he’s been poking at his siblings / chucking things at their heads / complaining their bums smell. Once Erroll found him smothering his sister with a pillow (!!).

Those days of confusion and displacement are over. Pride and belonging have moved in! Now when he hears their cries Kingsley runs to me, raised voice and concern on his face that ‘a bebĕ is crying, mammă!’ And ‘quick give βυζί!’ Or ‘Θέλει πιπίλα! ‘.

Often our big-hearted boy can be found laying next Elektra or Keanu on our bed a smile fixed on his face, staring into baby sibling eyes. These are moments to treasure.