Kingsley: 1-2-14 Hungry Caterpillar

This child’s appetite I am afraid is insatiable. The instant Kingsley is fed, and burped, and then put down to rest, one eye opens. He then is smacking his lips and nodding his head wondering where his favourite milk bar has gone. Yep, the baby sure is a hungry caterpillar.

Now Dr. Ayman says this is nothing to concern myself about; that Kingsley grows and thrives and that he will only request a meal when genuinely hungry; and that I should only be worried if the boy ever becomes floppy, lethargic, doesn’t dirty his nappies and does not put on weight.

Er, then not a problem in the world for Kingsley, for the child is energetic, vibrant, makes endless messes in his Pampers and has caused a sensation at the clinic for the amount he has grown since birth. Our very hungry caterpillar grows and grows.

Kingsley can sleep anywhere at the age of 8 weeks

Kingsley can sleep anywhere at the age of 8 weeks

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