04-04-17 Cliff Hanger

Tuesday 4th April 2017

A letter i wrote Erroll…

Darling look how we explore the beauty of Greece! We wander the coast and explore caves.

Today Kingsley was in the extreme intrepid with his beloved goat tracks. He slipped a couple of times but in the main climbed sure-footed. While stopped at the top of a cliff I of course wanted a selfie. As I manoevered us to sit together and steadied the phone Kingsley played with the pebbles at our feet. All at once he chucked a rock, it hit this Samsung, the phone flipped out of my hand, I screamed like a wild woman, Kingsley became mute with terror that my phone was slowly tumbling down a steep cliff toward the Saronic Gulf waters hundred meters down below. I said a wee prayer, the phone stopped on a tiny ledge held in place with a few rocks and it was then up to me to climb down on my bum scooting / sliding down on my arse attempting to remain alive and not dislodge any pebbles/rocks which would tumble onto the phone and dislodge it further.

Miraculously I retrieved the phone, handed it to Kingsley while I scooted up to the top of the treacherous cliffs and gave Kingsley a kiss.

Later on as we wandered back to town Kingsley noticed the scratches on my calves. He knew from where they came!