15-02-20 Twins: Zoo

Saturday 15th February 2020

Apart from squealing in her car seat, the babies enjoy their day at the zoo. Elektra has grown out of her maxi cosi as she can’t stand being in it any longer. Still, what to do? We want to get to the zoo, feed the goats, stroll about aimlessly and the only way to do so is drive (farewell pre-twins days Kingsley and I would take the ferry).

The babies are hungry all the time these days possibly making up for the week they lost their appetites due to Hand Foot & Mouth. So all I get from Elektra is ‘mum-mum’ and opening up her mouth like a baby bird wishing to receive her worms from mama. And grunts through his πιπίλα as Keanu lets me know its feeding time.