26-08-17 Athens Touchdown

Saturday 26th August 2017

On board flight EK105 Kingsley is a chatterbox easily switching from Greek to English depending on his audience. The delightful Greek cabin crew take him by the hand for a walk to the galley. He chats about wanting her to take a photo of us (he negotiates 3 Polariods to be taken, and all are terrific!)

An Aussie lady is his next victim. He spots her ipad and stops in his tracks right in front of her. In perfect English Kingsley proceeds to woo her into letting him play her game of Solitaire. She is obliging and charmed by the wee chatterbox. However from that moment on the lady is boxed in; he’ll not countenance a moment away from her ipad; he pushed her hand away; won’t listen to any of her instructions on how to actually play the game.

Respite comes to the lady by way of announcement: we are nearing the top of descent and would all passengers now return to their seats. Reluctantly he comes to me (but only after the lady switches off her ipad and physically removes it). Still, Kingsley is not disappointed for this is his view as we land…