13-04-20 Kingsley: Zoo Puzzle

Saturday 13th April 2020

Back in late 2018 heavily pregnant and in constant discomfort, you and I would take weekly bus trips to Circular Quay then board a ferry bound for Taronga Zoo. We did everything together while daddy worked and my time was yours. It was the summer before you began Kindergarten. A hot summer we spent perspiring, my swollen feet in any body of water I’d find and you swimming.

This particular sweltering day we headed to the zoo, you immediately diving in the wading beach near the seals. I couldn’t get comfortable. Then the Southerly Buster hit and we got stuck at the zio as the rain hit hard. But neither of us minded for the Zoo Shop remained open as did the Cafe. What to do as the rain fell? Complete a puzzle. This zoo puzzle!

And today Easter Saturday you and daddy completed it once again.