08-01-18 Teddy

Monday 8th January 2018

One month ago Linus and I had a Christmassy winter wonderland adventure in a mall (!!) where he played for hours chuckin ‘snow balls’ at other kids and building 3D snowmen from massive pieces of puzzle. We actually had a ball, took photos and even posted one which was cute enough to win me a prize. All in all that day got us in the mood for the birth of baby Jesus.

Fast forward to today and we are collecting my prize! Its a plush teddy the BurJuman Customer Service lady handed over to Linus who immediately took ‘White Bear’ (Christened immediately) and didn’t let go (well didn’t let go till he spotted the mall’s gigantic marble installation so chucked White Bear at me and began to climb0. There was no way I could lure him off these impressive and doubtless expensive spheres. Hours of it. I was weary and resorted to bribes: lets do our grocery shopping and I’ll buy you a pressie. It worked.

But our day was not as hectic as this to begin with. Today, as with every single day this past 6 months, Kingsley wakes me for wee and poo, and enjoys to read his ‘newspaper’ on the throne, in preparation for our day ahead. And today’s funsies was picking up my prize!