Kingsley: Daddy-O

Friday morning – 6:10, 11th July 2014

Kingsley, why are you up at 5AM? Why so restless? Its the weekend!! Your parents are delirious at such early awakenings but acknowledge you have been fast asleep for about ten hours, so cannot grumble too much. We are tasked to entertain you until such time that you yourself become delirious and begin fussing to be put to bed.

In the meantime your chipper parents (yes, chipper even at this silly hour of the morning; who can fail to be enchanted by your dimpled smiles and first vocalizations) attend to your needs. I change your nappy and your Daddy-O lays with you watching an episode of Baby Einstein laughing when you laugh at Custard the Dragon who sneezes at the flowers due to his unfortunate pollen allergy. HAHAHHAHA!!

5 mths 002 Mothers Day 004 Errolls Blue Outfit 004 Erroll and 4 mth old King 007

Kingsley and his father, poolside in Dubai

Kingsley and his father, poolside in Dubai

Panesars Toobys 008

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