10-10-18 High Top Socks

Wednesday 10th October 2018

Not too bad a wake-up this morning; you’re stirring at 7:15, turn into my face and cuddle me till I wake. Not that I want to (got up 5 times for wee!!) But the school bus arrives and we’ve got our morning routine to come.

We’re both the tiniest bit under the weather. Snot and throat. Even so you sleep soundtrack and wake to a hunger. Usual spread: apple, banana, ham & cheese melt. Then one third of a Berocca to set you buzzing for school.

The Berocca works immediately at the busstop: you are ALIVE…then must do wee-wee into the bushes as Mr. Vasilli pulls in. Such manners darling with your ‘καλή μέρα Κυρία Χριστίνα!’ as you dive in and take your favourite seat – at the back of the bus…