Min & Haarleen

Monday 7th March 2016

On this the day our son turns 27 months, a welcome cool breeze sweeps across Dubai. It’s the type of climate one could easily get used to: zero humidity, cool winds coming off the Arabian Gulf; perfect walking weather. While Erroll today lands in freezing London, Kingsley and I enjoy the desert life with friends.

Min has proven over the past few years of our aquaintance to be a close friend and very dependable. It is both our pleasures to be in each other’s company and best of all, our kidlets play sweetly together. We’ve had today planned for a while: both stay-at-home mums able to take advantage of a weekday sojourn. And so today the day our boy turns 27 months, he gets the treat of playing for hours at The Toy Store, his favorite indoor place to let loose, with one of his favorite toddler friends in tow, Haarleen.

Ten days ago feeding each other Cheetoh's at Burj Park

Ten days ago feeding each other Cheetoh’s at Burj Park