Greece Summer ’18: Pizza Party

Friday 27th July 2018

The day has finally arrived: Δωρόθεος’ final eight hours of preschool. He can’t be happier! Not for the fact that as of tomorrow he’s no more school to attend; but for the highly anticipated event of the summer: Pizza Party! 

For the past two weeks Kingsley has been badgering me as to when his school’s pizza party will be held. Every evening before bed we go through the ritual of counting down the sleeps. Every morning we name the days till the pizza party.

And today he wakes before the alarm, turn to me for cuddles and for foot rubs, then it occurs to him: today is the PIZZA PARTY! He is wildly distracted and from excitement goes to the loo.

Here he is with the lovely Miss Oliya on board and en route to the PIZZA PARTY!