Kingsley: Chilly Chicago

‘Freezing with flurries’; that was the weather for our few days in Chicago during winter. I’d never experienced cold like this before (save for some blizzards on the snow fields in my early twenties but that doesn’t count as I was kept warm/numb from the shots of Bayleys Irish Cream we’d skull before attempting black diamond runs). However my local friend Parris’ recommendations on how to keep warm – layer upon layer of clothing – was a (frost-bitten) limb saver.

So before heading out onto Michigan Avenue, I’d pile all sorts of clothing on Kingsley who would of course protest and kick off his mittens / pull his hats off while in the balmy warmth of our hotel suite. But once the cold wind hit his face, he was shell shocked! Took a bit of perseverance from our end, but those caps and mitts stayed on…

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