16-11-19 Kingsley: Brookie

Saturday 16th November 2019

An insane playdate between two jiu-jitsu participants at the same Dojo. An unlikely pair Linus and wee Brookie.

Kingsley trampolined with her, ate strawberry icecream, spinach pizza and strawberries. I was shocked! But bit really since Brookie likes spinach and strawberries all of a sudden so does Linus.

His good manners were on form, for when it was time to go Linus gave her two parting gifts: a Batmobile and Connex Box. She gave him a kiss. He called out “I love you Brookie!” then she was gone.

Mum Sam wrote to me afterward: said Brookie had the best time and looks forward to Monday’s jiu-jitsu where she’ll see Kingsley again.