Greece ’18: Week 1 Νήπιο

September 3-7 2018

Such an extraordinary turn of events: Erroll has flown in to Greece (and will stay over 3 weeks!) because Virgin has granted him leave without pay due to his Australian Citizenship being anomalous. That is, he can’t receive access to Australian airports and fly from them without a valid Aussie Citizenship. The Aussie Aviation Authority require it. So, he’s applied for a new, valid one, Virgin has postponed his training/flying…and we get to see our man again!

From a very stressful situation at his new place of employment comes magic: Ba-Bāh attends Linus’ first day at Νήπιο!

Blessing of the new school year

Besties from preschool now in Kindy together

Rapture with new teacher Miss Maryanna

Day 1 Kindy