Kingsley: Day 3 Early Rising

Saronida, Greece.

Little man eats an entire egg ! Tries cows milk for second time, and enjoys bowl after bowl of mamma Dora’s chicken noodle soup. Our day: we wake early – the earliest ever – at 6am due to Kingsley’s cough, and in a heartbeat administer a cough syrup which settles the boy and he (we) passes out at 6:30 till 10am. UNBELIEVABLE!!

As a treat, Jiajia Dora turns on Greek Nickelodeon. Child is wide-eyed at the colour and movement on a big screen, and I instantly regret allowing Kingsley to be exposed to evil television. Still, it buys me ten minutes to prepare his breakfast which consists of Nutricia 8month cereal soggy from delicious Greek cow’s milk.


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